Saturday, May 25, 2013

My English Lecturer (3)

She is Cik Fatimah. She was my teaching practical mentor. She was very kind as she gave me lots of guidance in my teaching methodology. When ever she came to observe me, I was very confident as I was not afraid of her. She gave me good marks and even recommended me as a potential 'Guru Pelajar Cemerlang' in Practical.

In that case, I had to put in more effort so as to secure a distinction. I was glad that she was my mentor.

Then she left for her further studies. She even wrote to me and encouraged me further. I was very thankful to have such kind lecturer.


  1. Yes, we always work harder for those teachers that we like. It would be nice if your teachers could read what you wrote on this blog about them. Do you still keep in touch with them?

  2. I have lost touch with them. Hope to find them.


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