Thursday, May 23, 2013

My English lecturer

Mr John Samuel was my English lecturer. He was a dedicated lecturer who always made sure that we understood his teaching clearly. His favorite teaching was the phonetics. We had dictation of phonetics at the start of his lesson. He definitely had good English pronunciation. We learned a lot from him.

We had an academic exhibition whereby we were needed to make posters regarding English.
I was with Mr Samuel and my course mates.

I was with Mr Samuel and some of my seniors.


  1. It has been so long and yet you could still remember his name. He must be a very good lecturer.

    1. Oh, I would definitely won't forget good people.

    2. good people and lecturer is hard to forget. some who really give student 100% of their attention their student will remember till they are old

    3. very true. I simply loved the way he taught us. I won't forget him.


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