Sunday, May 19, 2013

Teaching Practicals

We had two teaching practicals to be accomplished. My course was meant for the primary school students so we were needed to carry out our practicals in primary schools around KL.

1st practical..4 weeks
Carried out in our first year.
Four of us TESL trainees with the school teacher, our mentor.

2nd practical..10 weeks
Carried out in our third year.
Two of us from TESL and the other two from other course.
We were needed to teach 6 periods of English, 2 periods of Maths
and 2 periods of others in a week.
I taught 2 Music periods as my elective was Music.

Practical teaching grade was included in our certificate.


  1. I remember trainee teachers during their practicals during my school days. They always do many charts and use many visual aids. I believe it will give them more marks, does it?

    1. Yes! We prepared lots of teaching aids which were compulsory and also to help in our teaching. Those aids carried marks too!

  2. Can see that, it's not easy to become a teacher!!! Impressive!!! =]

  3. yes, lots of stuff to learnt.


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